Bespoke moulds

Our own moulds are hand-crafted by highly skilled mould-makers. The armour is moulded in the traditional 1977 way with the latest model-machines.

Screen accurate

Our stormtrooper armours have the same look and feel as movie Star Wars Episode IV A New Hope.

High quality

Pre-trimmed high quality 2mm thick acrylic capped glossy white ABS plastic (same quality as in the film). Made with modern production methods. No need for trimming or painting the armour.

Easier assembly

Similar to the stunt helmets but made in 3 main parts + 2 ear side pieces to make it easier to assemble.

Our TK stormtrooper armour 2018

For the ones wondering

Yes, our test armour kit was assembled, approved and used by 501st garrison members.
No armour is automatically approved. The assembly needs to be done following their directions (very important). The detonator clips (not included) need to be made or ordered. A guide and links are given once the order is processed.

Adaptable size

Best fit for L and XL size. However, by adjusting velcros and/or eventually trimming some parts, it can be adapted to various other sizes.

2 different packs for different needs

Complete armour kit 2016 + accessories
Complete armour kit 2016 without accessories


Benefits of armour kits

❂ Cut down the price of the armour
❂ Safer delivery worldwide
❂ You can adjust it to fit you best

Easier approval

❂ Already used by the 501st fans in many countries
❂ Approved by the 501st legions for as long as the
assembly is done following their directions.

Fast worlwide free delivery

❂ We send your order within the next 2 working days.
❂ We use good courier delivery (usually Parcel Force)
❂ We send your order from England

Satisfaction guaranted

❂ If you’re unhappy with what you receive,
send it back to us unworn within 14 days and
we’ll refund you as soon as we get it back


❂ Our stormtrooper armors are cheaper than the market!
❂ Modern production methods with latest model-machines to provide cheap stomtrooper armour of high quality.

High quality

❂ Own hand-crafted molds by highly skilled mold-makers
❂ Pre-trimmed high quality 2mm thick acrylic capped glossy white ABS plastic
❂ Same quality as in the film
❂ No need for heavy trimming or painting the armour
❂ It can be trimmed a bit for  more accuracy or sizes below 1m80 (6 ft).

Secure payment

❂ Secure payment processed by Paypal (induce extra fees)
❂ We do not access your bank or card details


NB: These testimonials are from the clients that already bought our armour. Please send us yours once you receive your armour. Thank you !


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