Do you sell spare parts?

We normally do not sell spare parts but you can send us a message if you need one or some and we’ll get back to you if we have these parts available. If you have a damaged part on the armour that you bought from us, then contact us : contact@stormtroopercity.com

Could the helmet be sold separately?

We can sell the helmet separately depending on our stocks. If you bought our former armour with the old FX helmet in the last 2 years, we would give you a discount to buy the new one. Please contact us : contact@stormtroopercity.com

Your stormtrooper armor might be cheaper than what’s out there but still is a sum. Is it possible to pay in 2-3 installments?

We understand this issue and that’s why we try to offer our stormtrooper armour at the best price. Well, I guess we could consider 2 times payment. However, we’d like to contact you first. Stormtrooping can be a hobby or passion but if you’re a bit short at the moment, we’d advise you to wait until better times. If only because of convenience and cash flow, then we might offer you a 2 times payment if we also are ok monetary wise at the moment you ask ;) Please send us an email with your phone number at : contact@stormtroopercity.com

What’s the difference between your old and new stromtrooper kit?

First we had a full FX armour. Since 2014 we completely stopped it. For the last 2 years we offered a mixed ANH. FX for some body parts and the helmet was completely remade as FX helmets were not longer permitted in the 501st. Now we have a new TK armor ANH that has pretty much all parts redone. More needs to be done to even perfect it more. So, planned for mid-june 2016, is the detonator part and adding the moulds for the buttons on the ab plate. The helmet is the same. Similar to the ANH stunt but made in 3 main pieces and 2 ear parts. Have a look on the products pictures here. We sold some to get feebacks and adjust ourselves and we have redone our website to reflect our new direction. If you buy this armour, please get back to us. We’d be glad to know how you like it and which extra advices we forgot you would give for the assembly.

Your question is not on the list? Drop us your question on the form below or send us a message at contact@stormtroopercity.com and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you!

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